Matteo Degani

Matteo Degani

Personal details: Born 06.01.1994 in Mexico City


Telephone number: 0382 987210

Work experiences

PhD position
October 2019 – Today | Department of Chemistry, Università degli studi di Pavia
Title of the research: “Design and characterization of hybrid perovskite for new generation solar cells”

Education section

·  Master degree in materials science and engineering (2018-2019), Universita’ degli Studi di Genova,Final degree mark: 110/110 with honors.
Dissertation/thesis title:Stimuli responsive perovskites for photonics.

·  Bachelor’s degree in materials science (2014-2018), Universita’ degli Studi di Genova, Final degree mark:


·  High school diploma, Istituto d’istruzione superiore P.L.Nervi, Morbegno

Computer skill section

·  Excellent knowledge and us of Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), AutoCAD,

·  Excellent knowledge of programming languages like C,C++

·  Excellent knowledge of Matlab

Management responsibilities / Superivison

·  Fabrication laboratory management within the PVSQUARED2 group in collaboration with Prof. Giulia Grancini.

·  Supervision of instruments such as AFM, solar simulator, Glove box system, stability box, evaporator system and gas line (argon, oxygen, compress air, nitrogen.·  Co-supervision together with the manager, Prof. Giulia Grancini, in the laboratory of Davide Nodari and Valentina Larini master-degree thesis work.

Participation in conferences

·  MAPPIC 2021 Moscow Autumn Perovskite Photovoltaics International Conference 11-13, 2021

·  Nanovalbruna 2021 Virtual Duets, 21 July 2021

·  Material of Future or Future of Materials 7 July 2021

·  Invited speaker at ICLLT 2021 – International Conference on Light and Light-based Technologies, title of talk: “Efficient inverted perovskite solar cells by dual interfacial modification”, 26-28 May 2021,


·  Internetional Conference on Advances and Challenges in Perovskite and Organic Solar Cells, January 20- 21, 2021

·  III Moscow Autumn Perovskite Photovoltaics International Conference 26-28, 2020

·  Nanovalbruna – NanoGreen Festival delle Nanoscienze, 2-5 July 2020

·  NANOVALBRUNA 2020 Virtual Duets, July 3, 2020

·  Conference Eni, Giacimenti e trasformazione energetica 28 May, 2020

·  Conference on Lasers and Electro–Optics (“CLEO”), 11 – 15 May 2020.

·  ViPerCon2020 – Virtual Perovskite Conference 2020 14th April, 2020

·  NIPHO20 – International Conference on Perovskite Thin Film Photovoltaics and Perovskite Photonics and

Optoelectronics, 23-25 February 2020