Scienza in rete with Giulia Grancini

Prof. Giulia Grancini as speaker for the podcast Scienza in rete. She presented her research about perovskite materials and their applications. More info at: Scienza in rete

Innovative Materials for Energy - IME 2021

We are pleased to announce that the third Edition of the workshop “Innovative Materials for Energy“ IME 2021 will take place on 30 September and 1 October 2021, 9.00 CET. The workshop is the result of the synergy between the organizing institutions, represented by the Prof. Giovanna d’Angelo and Prof Gabriele Centi from University of Messina, Prof. Giulia Grancini from University of Pavia, Prof. Aldo Di Carlo (CNR-ISM) from University of Tor Vergata and Dr. Francesco Bonaccorso from BeDimensional. More info at: IME2021

“Materiali innovativi per l’energia. Materiali nanostrutturati funzionalizzati per smart device, dal solare alle batterie”

On 15 June 2021, 6 p.m CET, G. Grancini, Carlo S. Casari and F. Bonaccorso will present their research at the webinar organized by OSA – Office for Sustainable Actions.

La nuova energia solare: sviluppo di tecnologie per un fotovoltaico moderno e a basso costo

Live streaming on Youtube channel and Facebook on 17 May 2021, 6 p.m CET.

Giulia Grancini as speaker at TEDxPavia

On 22 May 2021, 5 p.m CET, Prof Giulia Grancini will present at TEDxPavia. The theme is "complexity".

Prof. Majed Chergui as special guest

On 23 April 2021 Prof Majed Chergui will attend the course "Fundamental materials and processes for new generation photovoltaic" as visiting professor.

More info at: internationalization@Home

The RSC Desktop Seminar Lectureship Series

11 March 9:00 GMT and 25th March 13:00 GMT

Professor Giulia Grancini, 2020 Journal of Materials Chemistry Lectureship recipient, will present “Engineering Low-Dimensional Perovskite Interfaces for State of the art Perovskite Solar Cells: interface structure and processes therein”.

New publication

"Two-step Thermal Annealing: An Effective Route for 15% Efficient Quasi-2D Perovskite Solar Cells"

Low‐dimensional perovskites (LDP) are nowadays recognized as promising materials for the realization of highly performing photovoltaic cells. However, issues related to film morphology, composition, crystal quality and material homogeneity limit the device performances and reproducibility. In this work, we implement a robust method for the deposition of a LDP mixing methylammonium (MA) and phenylethylammonium (PEA) cations to create the mixed system (PEA)2MA39Pb40I121 by using a two‐step thermal annealing treatment (at 60 and 100 °C). Our approach results in LDP films with high crystal quality and enhanced carrier lifetime, which double the power conversion efficiency of reference devices, reaching up to 15%.

Giulia as panelist at the 6th International Day of women and girl in science Assemby at United Nation

Giulia invited as panelist at the 6th International Day of women and girl in science Assemby at United Nation (virtually) on the 11th Feb. More at: Women and girls in science day. Program: Womeninscienceday.

PVsquared2 group research highlighted in the Italian newspaper "Il Sole24Ore"

Prof. Giulia Grancini's research has been highlighted in the prestigious Italian newspaper "Il Sole24Ore", available on Monday 21/12/2020.

In this article, Prof. Grancini explains the advantages and enormous potential of perovskite solar cells for a true revolution in the energy sector, allowing us to harvest increasing amounts of renewable energy at low cost.

Pvsquared Laboratory at the University of Pavia is at the forefront of the research in this exciting new field.

(article in italian)

Online workshop Innovative Materials for Energy

We are pleased to announce that the Second Edition of the workshop “Innovative Materials for Energy“ IME 2020 will take place on December 2nd , 2020 (CET 15.00), with a full-online format. The workshop is the result of the synergy between the organizing institutions, represented by the Prof. Giovanna d’Angelo from University of Messina, Prof. Giulia Grancini from University of Pavia and Dr. Francesco Bonaccorso from BeDimensional.

New publication

"Lead or No Lead? Availability, Toxicity, Sustainability and Environmental Impact of Lead-Free Perovskites Solar Cells"

In this perspective we analysed LCA and other data for the most suitable elements proposed as substituents for lead in perovskite solar cells (PSCs), since lead is a well-known neurotoxic and persistent pollutant. However, all other elements present one to three orders of magnitude higher environmental impact than lead, are too scarce, or - except for Ge and Ag - are also dangerous for human health to various degrees. Furthermore, lead can be easily recycled and can be safely encapsulated in solar panels, whereas every year by burning coal alone we emit 80'000 metric tons of lead into the atmosphere.

In summary, it is argued that the advantages of using lead in photovoltaic panels – when including proper encapsulation and recycling - outweigh the risks associated with its manufacturing.

2020 Journal of Materials Chemistry Lectureship winner: Giulia Grancini

Professor Giulia Grancini has been selected as the winner of the Journal of Materials Chemistry Lectureship 2020. To celebrate, we have put together a collection of her publications in Royal Society of Chemistry journals.

The Journal of Materials Chemistry annual lectureship, established in 2010, honours early-career scientists who have made a significant contribution to the field of materials chemistry.

The Lectureship recipient receives expenses to cover travel and accommodation costs to attend and present at a leading international meeting. The recipient is also invited to contribute an article to one of the Journal of Materials Chemistry journals and to receive a complimentary back cover for the issue in which the article appears.

Moscow Autumn Perovskite Photovoltaics International Conference (MAPPIC-2020)

The 2nd Moscow Autumn Perovskite Photovoltaic International Conference (MAPPIC-2020) will be held on 26-28 October 2020.

MAPPIC is an annual meeting in Russia organized by Lomonosov Moscow State University as international event for industry, researchers and students working in field of perovskite photovoltaic and hybrid perovskite materials. This year, we extend the scope of the conference to all perspective applications of hybrid perovskites and make a focus on the most painful topics.

Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE)
16/10/2020, Barcelona (Spain) 14:50 - 20:00

The theme of the Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE) conference is renewable energy, its transformative future global utilization, and applications in enabling technologies. The scope of the conference includes novel materials, devices and architectures for renewable energy. At the end of this one-day conference, a round table with a group of panellists will discuss the role that female leadership has played in scientific research, education and innovation, especially in the field of renewable energy.

Webinar registration link:
Youtube video presentations:

100 donne contro gli stereotipi (100 women against stereotypes)

(English below)

Nei mezzi di informazione moderni (TV, giornali) a spiegare i fenomeni sociali e politici sono quasi sempre gli uomini (82% dei casi). Eppure le esperte ci sono. Per ridurre questo gender gap l'Osservatorio di Pavia e l'associazione Gi.U.Li.A., con lo sviluppo di Fondazione Bracco e con il supporto della Rappresentanza in Italia della Commissione Europea, hanno lanciato, una banca dati online a disposizione degli operatori dell'informazione con oltre 130 nomi e CV di esperte in STEM (Science Technology Engineerings and Mathematics), fra cui la Prof.ssa Giulia Grancini, e oltre 70 in Economia e Finanza.

In today's media (TV, newspapers) the vast majority of experts are men (82%), even though there are many women experts. To reduce this gender gap Osservatorio di Pavia and Associazione Gi.U.Li.A., in collaboration with Fondazione Bracco and the support of the European Commission, launched, an online database for journalists to select over 130 names and CVs of femal experts in STEM (Science Technology Engineerings and Mathematics), among which features Prof. Giulia Grancini , and over 70 in Economy and Finance.


Profile: Prof. Giulia Grancini

1MWIS Campaign

Prof. Giulia Grancini features in the 1MWIS campaign, a global effort to promote the role of women in STEM disciplines and celebrate their achievements. By providing a series of role models, this campaign wants to encourage young girls to pursue or stay in a career in science.

1MWIS Campaign homepage

Prof. Giulia Grancini profile

NanoValbruna - the first Nanogreen Festival in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region

From 2 to 5 July 2020 "NanoValbruna", the first local festival focused on the use of nanotechnologies to tackle environmental issues, will take place in and around Valbruna, in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in North-East Italy.
The main goals of the event are to identify innovative solutions to support a truly Green Economy and promote the social and economic resources of this beautiful region.

President: Paola del Zotto Ferrari, Accademia di Gagliato
Scientific Director: Prof. Giulia Grancini, University of Pavia
Event Coordinator: Annalisa Chirico

More info and program at:

Women Scientists at the Forefront of Energy Research

03-02-2020. A perspective from Giulia Grancini published in ACS Energy Letter

New publication

03-01-2020. Dynamical Evolution of the 2D/3D Interface: A Hidden Driver behind Perovskite Solar Cell Instability - Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Christmas lunch

20-12-2019. PvSquared2 group wishes you a merry Christmas and a Happy new year.


ERC Frontier Research - Creating pathways to sustainability

02-12-2019. The event highlights how curiosity-driven research funded by the ERC contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Innovative materials for energy conference

20-11-2019. Giulia Grancini co-chair of Innovative materials for energy conference in Messina. Next year in Pavia.

Highly cited researchers

19-11-2019. Giulia Grancini recognized as one of the world's most influential researchers of the past decade, demonstrated by the production of multiple highly-cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in Web of Science.

USERN award 2019

Giulia Grancini USERN laureate 2019 in chemical science.


ERC grantees meet in Bruxelles

24-09-2019. Giulia Grancini, with other 40 ERC grantees attending the ERCEA event on how to successfully manage ERC project. Great opportunity to share ideas, experience and meet a small community of Italian ERC grantees.

YAE - Young Academic of Europe

12-11-2019. Giulia Grancini elected board member of YAE.

GRAPCHINA 2019 - International graphene innovation conference

22-10-2019. Giulia Grancini for PVSquared2 group invited speaker at GRAPCHINA 2019 in Xi'an.

ISOPHOS 2019 - International School on Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics

02-09-2019. Giulia Grancini for PVSquared2 group invited lecturer at ISOPHOS 2019, Tuscany.

Meeting with Prof. Bao Zhang

05-07-2019. PVsquared2 lab welcomes Prof. Bao Zhang from the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University (China) for a visit of the PVsquared2 lab and fruitful discussion for future collaboration.

EPKI: the European Perovskite Initiative

15-05-2019. UniPV joint EPKI, the European Perovskite Initiative, for the development of Perovskites based solar technology