Laxman Gouda


Dr Laxman Gouda is working as a postdoctoral associate in Prof. Giulia Grancini’s group, University of Pavia (Italyfocusing on 2D/3D Hybrid Perovskite Photovoltaic Devices.

He received his Ph.D degree from Prof. Arie Zaban research group at Bar-Ilan Institute of Nanotechnology Advanced Materials (BINA), chemistry department, Bar Ilan University Israel, (2013 – 17). Following the completion of Ph.D he joined the Molecular Photonic Laboratory at Prof. Yaakov Tischler’s group, BINA, Israel (2017-18) as a pre postdoctoral researcher. He completed his first postdoc in the group of Prof. Francisco Fabregat-Santiago, University of Jaume I, Spain and Prof. David Tilley, University of Zurich, Switzerland (2018- 20).

His research mainly focused on the hybrid perovskite solar cells, Raman spectroscopy and photonic devices, and green chemistry – electrochemical value added chemical synthesis. His main research interest is developing a technology for efficient solar energy conversion and energy storage in chemical bonds.

Research Experience:

Postdoctoral Studies

2020 – Present

2D/3D hybrid perovskite solar cells, Photovoltaic Research in Pavia

Prof. Giulia Grancini groups, physical chemistry department, university of Pavia, Italy.

Research focus: “2D/3D hybrid perovskite solar cells for energy conversion and photovoltaic assisted green chemical synthesis.”

2018 – 2020

Artificial Photosynthesis, Institute of Advanced Materials, (INAM-UJI-UZH)

Prof. Fran research group, Physics Department, University of Jume I, Spain.

Prof. Dr. David Tilley, Chemistry Department, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Research focus: “ Green chemical synthesis –  electro chemical value added chemical synthesis, decoupled Biomass conversion and Hydrogen production ”

2017 – 2018

Molecular Photonics and Device Spectroscopy, Bar-Ilan Institute of Nanotechnology Advanced Materials (BINA), Israel                                                                                      

Prof..Yaakov Tischler, Department of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

Research focus: “ Hybrid Perovskite photodetector, low frequency Raman spectroscopy, Superlattice of perovskite and micro cavities and LASING of Hybrid perovskite”

Doctoral Studies

2013 – 2017

Sustainable Electricity – Solar conversion and storage,  Bar-Ilan Institute of Nanotechnology Advanced Materials (BINA), Israel.

President and Prof. Arie Zaban, Department of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

Thesis: “Photoinduced interface modification and recombination mechanism in mesoscopic hybrid perovskite solar cells” and also research focused on high throughput combinatorial approach for multijunction oxide solar cells.

Master Studies

2009 – 2011

Inorganic Chemistry and Spectroscopy,

Prof. J Seetaramappa, Dept. of Chemistry, Karnataka University Dharwad, India.

Thesis: “In situ fluorescence spectroscopy study of drug protein interaction and its mechanism”


  • Marie Curie Initial Training Network, Destiny -2013-2016
  • Generalitat Valencia, Spain, 2018- 2020
  • Inspire Faculty award, India – July 2018
  • Kamin Israel research grant – 2018

Publications and Patents

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12) Vinayaka. H Damle, Laxman. Gouda, Shay. Tirosh, and Yaakov. R. Tischler “Structural Characterization and Room Temperature Low Frequency Raman Scattering from MAPbI3 Halide Perovskite Films Rigidized by Cesium Incorporation” ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2018

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