We collaborate with the following people:

– M. Chergui at EPFL in Lausanne

– C. Ballif at EPFL in Neuchatel

– M. k. Nazeeruddin at EPFL Valais

– G. Pozzi at CNR in Milano

– Beljonne UNIMONS, Belgium

– D. Neher at Potsdam University, Germany

– F. Bonaccorso IIT Genova,

– A. Listorti at CNR in Lecce,

– Ahmad Kirmani at NIST, Gaithersburg, USA;

– F. De Angelis at CNR in Perugia,

– G. D’Angelo at UniMessina,

– H. Snaith at Oxford University (Oxford, UK),

– N. Tabet at QEERI, Qatar

Industrial partners: 

– Dr. David Martineau and Dr. Toby Meyer at Solaronix (Aubonne, Switzerland);


The listed collaborations are proven byjoint publications and two patents (with Oxford PV) and publication or project recently submitted.